Who Is Behind Web Hosting Review Blog?

Hello. My name is Vlad, I am successful online entrepreneur. The idea to write this blog came about in the early 2005, just about the time when I started to look into affiliate marketing. Before that time I have never owned a website. As I began to grow my affiliate marketing business, in the first few months I have purchased web hosting packages and services from Yahoo!, Bluehost, Lunarpages and Godaddy. As I also began to promote services from these providers, I quickly realized that not every one had the same opinion about these providers. So the idea for this blog was born. I decided to compile simple profile for a web hosting provider, while leaving the review part in the hands of visitors and readers of this blog.

How Is This Blog Affiliated With The Web Hosting Providers Reviewed Here?

I think it is important to for visitors to this website to know that I am in affiliate programs with majority of the web hosting providers featured on this blog. If you end up purchasing a web hosting plan through a link from my website, chances are I will get paid. However you should also know that few web hosting providers kicked me out from their affiliate programs dues to “unfavorable” reviews. Even if every single provider decides to terminate their relationship, I will stay committed to provide users like you a place to share your experience be it good or bad.

Regarding Your Privacy.

I use to have a long Privacy Policy on my website full of legal terms. I always thought it was ridiculous to implement a policy on my website that I myself could not understand. That does not mean I do not care about your privacy. As any other website out there, I use the technology available to me to track visits on my websites. These technologies use cookies to help the process. I also use third party cookies to help credit affiliate referrals. The information collected by the tracking software is used to analyze and improve this website and is never stored beyond that what is being stored by my web hosting provider. I also have several scripts on my website which allow me to communicate with readers and visitors to his website. In order to do so, you will be required to provide me with your e-mail address. Your e-mail address will not be utilized beyond the intended purpose (example if you used an e-mail to ask me a question, I will never add your e-mail to my mailing list unless I have your permission). I will never disclose or sell your e-mail address to any one. In some case, when order so by the court of law, I may have to disclose some information but not without consulting my legal team.

Regarding Your Comments And Reiews.

Any one is free to post comments on this website, in fact I strongly encourage you to do so. If you decide to leave a feedback or review of a web host you are using or have used in the past, chances are I will be liking back to your blog or website in a weekly “tank you” post. I will however regard your message as spam if:

  • Your name is but no limited to “financial services”, “used cars” etc., you are simply wasting your time. I will most likely to delete your comments and you will not be able to comment here again in the future.
  • If you comments are just to flatter me for the great job I have done on this blog. I don’t care what you think.
  • If you link to a website that promotes anything illegal or morally questionable.

Be smart and you will never regret commenting or visiting my website.

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