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Niche Domain NamesHave you ever considered to manage all your domain names from one centralized place? Or just did not like the idea of being “tied” to one particular host? With recently launched Niche Domain Name, you will be able to do just that, have all your domain names in one place. You can use the newly launched website to buy new domain names as well as the place from which you can manage your existing domains you purchased elsewhere- it allows you to easy transfer your domains, however your domain name needs to be unlocked in order to transfer it.

Here are just a few perks that you will get using the Niche Domain names:

  • Free contact privacy! (most domains/TLDs)
  • Free easy-to-use domain manager!
  • Select from a large inventory of premium niche names!
  • Free easy to use DNS!
  • Manage Unlimited Number of Domains from one centralized place!

What’s the cost? The new domains (aka available domains) at Niche Domain Names will set you back $15 per domain. While it may seem higher that an average cost of a domain at most of the web hosting providers (which is about $10), many web hosting providers charge you extra for the domain privacy and do not offer much freedom in managing your DNS, unless you choose to host your websites with them.

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  • Vlad Oct 31, 2010, 9:34 am

    Matt, thank you for stopping by. I actually think this is a great idea. I will be writing about your new site on my affiliate marketing blog, as I think affiliates are the prime audience for a product like that.

  • Matt (Niche Domain Name) Oct 31, 2010, 9:14 am

    Awesome review. I am especially pleased with that last paragraph which I might have to paraphrase for myself – it’s that good.

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