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Web Hosting Provider: Hostway

Hosting Services: Shared Hosting, VPS (Virtual Private Servers), Dedicated Servers, Cloud Hosting, Domain Names, E-commerce Hosting.

Basic Plan Price:
Web Hosting$13.95/month $6.98/month – Limited time promotion.
Virtual Private Servers – $29.95/month
Dedicated Servers – $79/month
Cloud Hosting – $129/month

Support Offered Via: 800 Number, Website

Guarantees: 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

About Hostway
Launched in 1998, Hostway made their priority to bring the power of the Internet to customers around the globe by providing excellent products that are not only easy to use but supported with outstanding customer support. Today Hostway servers over 600,000 customers worldwide and continues to grow and lead the web hosting industry.

Over the past years Hostway was given various awards for their superior products and customer service.

If you are hosting your website with Hostway, or have used any of their services in the past, please consider leaving your review with us.

Disclosure: We receive compensation from the companies whose products we review in the form of referral fees. This page contains affiliate links and if you act upon our recommendation, we will receive a monetary compensation.

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