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Web Hosting Provider: Web.com, Inc.

Company info: Web.com, Inc fromerly Interland, Inc has been in business since 1995. Web.com offers do it yourself and professional website design, webhosting, e-commerce, web marketing and e-mail. since 1995 more 4 million sites has been built at Web.com. Web.com offer 24/7 live technical support. Company Headquarter located in Atlanta, GA.

Basic Plan: Value Plan
What’s included?:
– 5 GB Storage
– 20 GB Data Transfer
– 30 Email Accounts
– $25 Google Adwords Credit
– $25 Yahoo Search Marketing Credit
Price: from $9.95/month

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  • Derrick Feb 15, 2010, 11:31 am

    As with many above, we started out with Interland — a wonderful experience, indeed. Web.com, on the other hand, has been trouble from the beginning. Technical “support” is infuriatingly non-existant, the site is often totally unresponsive, sendmail has been a continual struggle, I’ve had to re-write scripts twice to circumvent some server-side Access database configuration issue (as yet unacknowledged), and finally, two weeks ago I received an email from their Abuse department saying that we were in non-compliance for storing files on the supposedly “unlimited storage” FTP server — seems you can’t store anything other than files directly linked to the site.

    Needless to say, we’re looking for another vendor.

  • Greg Dec 8, 2008, 10:11 am

    Horrible, go elsewhere for your hosting needs. I’ve been with this company since hostpro, then interland, now web.com. It gotten worse with each incarnation.

    Total disconnect between departments, no one person has the power to help with an issue. Tech support needs to learn English first, then they should learn how servers operate. Same issue as Alex, database backups have been lost, hosting accounts have been pulled without warning, can’t help you on a weekend, and the person on the phone never knows anything. Everything is referred or escalated.

    When they do manage to do something useful and I’m not hanging up in anger, they want 5 minutes to read you a script about providing excellent service and take a survey. Give me a break.

  • David Daniels Sep 12, 2008, 1:41 am

    I used to be an interland.com customer until they became web.com. I’m a reseller (webmaster) and have several accounts on web.com, using their windows servers. I have to say that web.com is by far the worst provider I have ever experienced. Many horrific things have happened on their watch, and their support is horrible because you don’t speak directly with support, but through a call center in the Philippines. So even the simpliest support needs, like placing a SSL certificate on a site, will take weeks and can cost you your reputation with your clients.

    I am writing this now because right at this moment, this company suddenly, and unannounced to us, canceled the webspace of one of my clients. I’ve been fighting with them for 4 days now trying to get a backup from the last moment online (since orders are held within the database) but they still have not accomplished this and also have not accomplished the simple task of moving our SSL certificate to our new space. My customer is outraged and after spending 4 days on the phone I am still left in limbo by a company that clearly does not care.

    This company has an online support ticket system, and that is a joke. You spend your time putting together a support ticket and they turn right around and close your ticket (like it has been resolved) without having addressed your issue(s).

    I highly recommend webmasters to look elsewhere for a web hosting company, the web.com is definitely a lemon!

  • Alex Gordiyenko Mar 29, 2007, 10:32 pm

    We used(and still use) web.com from times when it was called interland, since 2000. We used their dedicaed and shared plans for many many clients. Dedicated business was sold to peer1 and is a mid level with “ok” service, not great. Prices are high but sometimes service is not that great. On shared side they just went worse and worse each year and 2007 is just bad. We are web site design company – http://www.lightmix.com – and we are no longer recommending our new clients using them as service and quality is diminishing. Old plans stay ok, but new ones are constantly running into issues that sometiems they just cant resolve (example the database went down and they couldnt find backups…). Our recommendation is to stay away from them if you want to provide or receive a good quality service.