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Web Hosting Provider:
Hosting Services: Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Managed Hosting, Collocation.
Basic Plan Price:
Web Hosting: $4.99/month
Dedicated Servers: $119.00/month
Collocation (1/2 Rack): $775/month with a $950 set up fee.
Domain Names: $6.95
Support Offered Via: 800 Number, Live Chat, Ticket System
Guarantees: 100% Network Uptime, Price Match Guarantee.

If you are looking for a full-service no-nonsense web-hosting company, might be just the web host for you. Started at the down of the Internet (1996) manged to stay the leader in the fast changing web hosting industry. From a very humble beginning by it’s founder, Haralds Jass, who borrowed $600 from his family dentist to pay or his first server, has grown into completely independent web hosting company that manages over 40,000 servers. Today, offers their services to the hundreds of thousands of clients around the world.

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  • Mike Nov 20, 2015, 2:33 am

    As a loyal ex customer for over five years I finally had to pull the plug on Superb hosting. Repeated outages, at times three times a week are simply unacceptable. We had to endure hour-long downtime, which remained unexplained and handled abysmally. Earlier this year their power failed and as poorly as they are organized their backup power failed, too! This meant my online services were inaccessible for half a day. Of course, they did not bother with an apology or even keeping customers in the loop. Over the years we have been plagued with their incompetence to deal with DDOS or just plain stupid mistakes, which brought down the network. 99.99% uptime? You wish – I don’t’ think they even believe this themselves. I would have had better uptime by hosting from my laptop at home. The overall infrastructure and management UI is outdated and has not improved in years. The servers kept getting slower due to improper management of virtual clients. It’s been nothing but downhill for years with Superb. It’s 2015 folks – there are plenty of other better opportunities out there. Google Cloud, Amazon EC2, or other competent vendors; they all come at a lower price and substantially better servers. Not even mentioning the ease to control your equipment. Don’t waste your time and money on incompetent amateur clowns like Superb, there’s nothing superb about them, find a real professional hosting company.

  • Kenny Jan 21, 2014, 8:45 pm

    We doubt that this response will be allowed to be posted, but here goes. We contracted superb for a dedicated server a year or so ago. It was a decent price and seemed to have good reviews. Once the server was setup we saw how dreadfully slow the server was. Upon trying to get support we were told again and again that dedicated server do not come with support unless you pay for support credits. We limped the server along until we found a much better solution. Since then they have invoiced and charged us for another six months of service. Part of our contract was a rent to own server. Well now they want $90 to ship the server and will not lift a finger to put the package out for mail so we can get it after we sent them a postage label. Stay awy from these guys. They will not help grow your business, because you will spend most of the time having email conversations about not providing a refund of not being able to place the server out for mail pickup. There are dozens of hosting companies providing excellent service. THIS IS NOT ONE OF THEM!

  • Jason Aug 15, 2012, 3:43 am

    Very poor experience with 2 dedicated servers over a year of hosting there.

  • Theresa Aug 9, 2012, 12:45 am

    We were with Superb for 4 years. During the first 1.5-2 years things were OK. Then we started having issues – 3 bad disks, faulty power supplies, a few techs that seemed clueless. The end for us was on 12/30/11. Our hard drive failed and all data was lost. The back ups which were stored on the same machine but a separate disk were also corrupted. (In March 2012, 1 of our techs went to visit the datacenter and noticed the box had a faulty power supply.) After a month of back & forth with their tech people, we had a sever again but no data. We wound up going elsewhere and never using that server again. We forgot to cancel our contract until then sent us a bill in the beginning of July 2012. (Because I was on manual pay not automatic pay I got a bill). We canceled the service. Superb responded by sending us a note saying we would be billed up to August 3rd because we had to give them 30 days notice. On top of this I was getting a jillion notices everyday that if I didn’t pay my bill they were going to cancel our server. I was coordinating with my tech people on our dispute of the bill when Superb charged my card WITHOUT authorization. When I called their billing department I was initially told I was on automatic pay. Well, if I was on automatic pay why wasn’t the charge for the new year billed to my card at the end of the contract period (06/30/12)? The rep did a little research and told me I was on manual pay. She said a manager would have to get back to me. When no one got back to me within a few hours, I opened a support ticket. This was closed the next day without resolution. I opened another one and 4 days later someone got back to me. The manager that contacted me jerked me around for 2 days, leading me to believe they wanted to work thru my dispute. At the end of the 2 days he basically told me to pursue the fraud complaint with my bank.
    I have already filed not only the complaint but a police report. It is both unethical and illegal to charge a credit card without authorization. While I wait for my bank to finish their investigation, I plan to tell my story to anyone and everyone who will listen. Superb may be a great company if you are a large corporation but if you are one of the little guys – they will offer you substandard equipment and clueless tech support. Add to that their illegal billing practices and you have a recipe for disaster.

  • Lauren Aug 24, 2011, 6:04 pm is horrible! Their hosting sucks and their customer service is even worst!! I would not recommend them to my competitor unless I was really trying hurt them..Which I would never play as dirty as